Mould Solution Citadel

Mold is a menace to your home and to the well being of all who breathe it in. The top concern for our specialized repair men when they arrive to your home will be to thoroughly assess the areas where mold is likely to exist based upon your initial report so it may be quickly removed. With our over 80 years of experience in the field and a whole host of specialized technical equipment at our disposal for the job, our Citadel team can find all locations in your home where mold has established itself and understand exactly how it should be taken care of.

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After our workers in Citadel have accurately identify the suspected area’s in your dwelling as infected with mold, our team will begin to prepare for it’s evacuation. All the seriously contaminated spots within the drywall, joists, and wall interior/exterior points will be more thoroughly inspected as the job proceeds to see as to what extent the mold has populated.

The next phase following a positive mold identification by our staff will be to determine where the humidity build up is coming from that triggered the mold growth in the first place and take action to completely dry out the location or make the appropriate repairs. If the area in which the mold has established a colony is not completely dried out, microscopic mold spores left behind will mature again. Mold needs to be both exterminated at it’s source and the area fully evaporated as to ensure a permanent result.

Once the affected breeding ground is completely dried out and the harmful mold growth is eradicated from your premises, our specialists will completely disinfect your entire home for health precautions.

After purging the surfaces near where the mold has been growing with the appropriate biocide, our mold technicians will work on a quote for the full restoration of the locations remediated with replacement materials removed during the mold remediation process.

Our Citadel team of dedicated mold remediation specialists will quickly and completely remove any and all mold from your dwelling or work environment quickly and accurately, guaranteed.

Our Mold Removal services include:

  • Containment Of Mold Spores Prevents Systemic Problems
  • High Speed Of Service Gets The Job Completed Fast
  • Accuracy Of Material Removal Minimizes Restoration Costs
  • Intelligence Of Setup Creates A Safe Environment For Worker And Client
  • Comprehensive Removal Of All Mold Spores Ensures A Permanent Solution
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Ensures A Happy Customer
  • Our Level Of Experience Allows A Quality Of Service Not Found Elsewhere

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